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Air receiver tank

Air receiver tank

Air receiver tank

Every day, a large amount of plastic is produced on the earth.The accumulation of plastic has seriously polluted the environment. Plastic recycling machine realize the reuse of waste plastic, with the production line of plastic shredder,plastic granulator and plastic extrusion machine, recycle plastic get new life again. Plastic recycling line is welcomed by plastic recycling plant and other plastic related industries.

  • SZD-1WXF Reliable one-way valve desiccant dryer
    SZD-1WXF Reliable one-way valve desiccant dryer

    Introduction of Desiccant dryer 1、the control system adopts single-clip microcomputer program for automatic control,stabel and reliabel performance (PLC control optional) 2、With valve switch automatic display function,friendly man-machine interf...

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