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Dryer and filter equipment

Dryer and filter equipment

Integral assembly desiccant dryer diffuser stable and reliable


The new silencer uses high temperature and ultra-fine sound-absorbing glass wool as the main body and the special treatment of imported silencers and other materials from the self-made.

■ The control system adopts single-chip microcomputer program for automatic control, stable and reliable performance LC control optional.

■ With valve switch automatic display function, friendly man-machine interface, simple operation, easy routine maintenance.

■ Automatic alarm device, the intake air temperature is too high alarm, the intake pressure is too low alarm, heating temperature is too high alarm (micro heat regeneration type).

■ According to the actual load and temperature, adjustable regeneration gas consumption ratio, saving renewable energy consumption.

■ Can choose to switch the actua I cycle to meet the demand for finished dew point.

■ Mouth solenoid valve reliable performance, modular design, and with action instructions, easy maintenance.

■ Air control dust filter, to prevent dust into the pneumatic control components, reducing valve failure rate.

High quality and efficient heater (micro heat regeneration type)

Pneumatic valve control and other electromagnet记 valve control comparison, longer life, to ensure long-term stable operation of the dryer.

Stainless steel material diffuser, the air from the stability, diffusion, filtration and other functions.

Reliable one-way valve


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