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Cohesion "air compressor" assigned to "double carbon" Seize energy-saving air compressor was invited to hero to wuhan air compressor industry in 2023

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Spring has come and flowers are in bloom.Everything revives fully unsealed 2023, it is a year of full sprint air pressure industry. On February 20th, The 2023 Air Compressor Industry Heroes meeting was successfully held in Wuhan Station. Mr. Cheng Hongxing, general manager of Seize air compressor, was invited to participate in the meeting with many industry elites, in-depth exchanges and common discussion of energy saving and innovative ideas.


Mr. Cheng made a keynote speech of "Welcome to Seize". Combined with his years of experience in the air compressor industry, he not only shared the development trend and opportunity of the air compressor industry, but also analyzed the current problems and future development direction of the agents with humorous language, especially in the accumulation of talent and accumulation of customers. It is very practical. It benefitted the participants a lot.


During the meeting, General Cheng did a on-site interpretation of Seize air compressor to agents friends of the support policy and can be landed on the path of success, and interact with everyone.


Mr. Cheng sent a grand invitation to the majority of agent friends, welcome to join Seize, and join hands with Seize to create a win-win situation. Leading the healthy development of the industry, Helping enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency. To promote the quality and economic development in all walks of life together.


Industry heroes:

Let us join hands to let the world air compressor see China!

Let the sky bluer, the earth greener, the water clearer, the people more beautiful!

Our motherland is stronger!


Seize energy-saving air compressor made a stunning appearance at the 2023 Qingdao Metal Processing Equipment Exhibition

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