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Congratulation!!! Seize air Compressor the 3rd Young Eagle Program successfully concluded

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During the opening ceremony, Mrs Lu introduced the basic situation, team members, training direction and assessment reward and punishment mechanism of the Young Eagle Program to everyone, so that everyone could have a preliminary understanding. It is hoped that the students can actively devote themselves to learning with their "original intentions" in mind. Through the learning platform provided by the company, make long-term plans for individuals and teams, actively face challenges, and adhere to the belief of continuous innovation and professional struggle.


Young eagle spreads its wings and fights the sky

The train is totally four days, students start to join in their learning road !!!

Get Professional knowledge,make themselves better

The training teachers are from the operation center, production department and service department of Seize air compressor headquarters gave lectures respectively, mainly explaining the theoretical knowledge of air compressors and on-site operation processing in the workshop


New starting, Move forward

Mr. Cheng Hongxing, the general manager of Seize air compressor gave a lecture in person and gave a lecture on the sales sector. From the company's corporate culture and strategic planning to product knowledge and sales skills, he provided all-round training to sales and distributor partners, and quickly improved the overall professional level of the young eagle team,to create an elite sales team for Seize air compressor.


During discussing with product, trainers interact positively ,the atmosphere was amazing!!!


This training course are very comprehensive, and all of students have learned the different knowledge. In the end, all trainers took the test ,and the results of the test will be used to deliver the gains of these days.


The award ceremony




Mr. Cheng, the general manager of Seize Air Compressor, led the company's senior management to prepare a graduation dinner for the students, wishing them success in their studies and spreading their wings.


Every talent person has a moment of silence. Those days were the days when a lot of effort was put in but no results were obtained, and we call it rooting. This is a good start, I believe that through this "journey", the young eagles will eventually spread their wings, fight the sky and soar!

the end of a story

is the beginning of another story.

the end of the training,

It is the beginning of Seize air compressor’s young eagle fighting the sky



Energy saving,Emission reduction, Seize Air compressor team are in action!

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