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Hangzhou Tianyue Gas Company visited Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor for communication

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On September 2nd, nearly 20 people from Hangzhou Tianyue Gas Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. visited our company under the leadership of general manager Mr. Wang Guoqiang, and were warmly received by Mr. Cheng Hongxing, general manager of Seize energy-saving air compressor, Ms. Yu Xiujuan, vice president of operation department, and the sales team and operation team.

Brief introduction of Seize company

Seize Compressor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. The company integrates R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service, and is a brand manufacturer focusing on energy-saving air compressors! The company is a high-tech and specialized new enterprise in Shanghai, with a certified energy efficiency laboratory. Its products all exceed the national first-class energy efficiency standard, and many products have won the National Energy Efficiency Star, a patent demonstration enterprise in Jinshan District, and won the title of industry leader.



Visit exhibition halls and smart factories


Accompanied by Mr. Cheng, Hangzhou Tianyue Gas Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and his party visited the company's exhibition hall, production workshop, main engine manufacturing and processing center, etc., to learn more about the production process, equipment technical ability and personnel allocation of energy-saving air compressors, and focused on the company's product knowledge of energy-saving air compressors. At present, the company has complete sets of energy-saving equipment such as micro-oil screw air compressor, oil-free air compressor, mobile air compressor, centrifugal air compressor, dry oil-free air compressor and water-lubricated oil-free air compressor, which can meet the gas demand of users from all walks of life.


The exhibition hall displays the invention patents and honorary certificates of energy-saving air compressor developed and produced by Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor for many years. These certificates are undoubtedly affirmation of the innovation of Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor in the field of air compressor.


During the next workshop visit, the delegation of Tianyue Gas Company fully recognized the strict production standards, advanced production equipment and efficient production process of Seize energy-saving air compressor. It is Seize people's meticulous attention to detail and efficient management of production processes that provide a solid guarantee for the quality and performance of Seize products.


Mr. Cheng said that in the future, Seize energy-saving air compressor will continue to increase investment in research and development, continuously improve product performance, and make users' compressed air cost lower in this industry.

Symposium exchange and sharing


After the visit, the two sides organized a discussion meeting in the conference room of Seize energy-saving air compressor. The two sides held in-depth discussions and exchanges on team building, industry development trends in recent years, development prospects of air compressor industry and future cooperation direction.


General manager cheng shared.


Mr. Cheng warmly welcomed the arrival of Tianyue Gas Company and shared his management experience for many years.

Mr. Cheng emphasized that enterprises should adhere to the development concept of technological innovation and quality first, and pay attention to staff training and team building. He introduced the development concept, product innovation and future development strategic planning of Seize Company.

As Mr. Cheng said, Seize's service concept: always better than customers' expectations, creating a timely, professional, pleasant and thoughtful service concept, taking exceeding customers' needs as the mission and taking responsibility for the results. Under the guidance of this concept, Seize always adheres to the principle of customer first, keeps up with the development of the times, deeply understands the needs of customers and provides them with tailor-made energy-saving solutions. At the same time, Mr. Cheng said that in the future development, he will continue to promote innovation in the fields of intelligent manufacturing and green manufacturing to provide better services to customers.


Mr. He, Sales Director of Tianyue Gas Company, shared it.


He introduced Hangzhou Tianyue Gas Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in detail. At present, the company's products have been widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, petroleum, electronics, biology, medical care, food and medicine, chemical fiber, rubber and other industries.

Next, Mr. He gave training and guidance to Sashen participants on the principle of nitrogen production by pressure swing adsorption, process manufacturing, highlights of Tianyue nitrogen generator and system selection of air nitrogen station.


From point to point, Mr. He analyzed the application field of nitrogen generator, customer groups, typical customer cases and industry status quo, so that everyone had a more systematic understanding of the selection scheme of nitrogen generator and air compressor, which was more conducive to the development of related business in the future.


Liu Gong gave a detailed introduction to each part of the nitrogen generator.


Mr. Wang, General Manager of Tianyue Gas Company, shared.


Starting from his own entrepreneurial story, combined with his rich experience in project bidding, Mr. Wang deeply interpreted and shared the bidding process, experience summary and feelings of the project. Sa Zhen's participants said in succession that they would put the experience shared by Mr. Wang into practice and truly implement it.

Hand in hand, win-win cooperation


At this exchange meeting, the two sides shared their observation and understanding of the industry development without reservation. Only by deeply understanding the market trends, formulating reasonable policy plans, looking for new market tracks, gradually breaking through and seizing the opportunities can the market become bigger and stronger.


This visit not only deepened the friendship and trust between the two sides, but also laid the foundation for closer cooperation in the future. Seize Energy-saving Air Compressor and Tianyue Gas Company jointly expressed their good wishes to strengthen communication, deepen friendship, realize resource sharing and complement each other, inject vitality into future business cooperation and seek common development together.



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