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The application of SEIZE screw air compressors in the lithium battery industry

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Lithium batteries, as green new energy products, have been widely used in energy storage power systems such as consumer electronics, electric tools, hydropower, firepower, wind power, and solar power plants, as well as in various fields such as electric transportation vehicles, military equipment, and aerospace.


1、Lithium battery production process and equipment

Material Preparation→Homogenization→Coating→Rolling→Cutting→Baking→Winding→ Shelling→Laser Welding→Baking→Liquid Injection→Pre filling→Sealing, Cleaning→Aging→Full Inspection→Warehousing→and Shipping.

2、Application of Air Compressors in the Lithium Battery Industry

In the lithium battery industry, air compressors are mainly used in production processes such as casting billet production, air charging for plastic air objects, stirring solutions, transporting chips, jet cleaning, driving packaging presses, lifting machines and elevators, combination tools, sandblasting, spray painting, etc., providing compressed air power for lithium battery production.


3、Reference for air compressor selection

If the selection of the air compressor is too large and the gas consumption end is lower than the gas production end, it will cause a long idle time and waste of power; The selection is too small, and when the workshop uses concentrated gas, the system pressure is low, and the exhaust volume cannot meet the needs of equipment and tools.

SEIZE recommends that you summarize the production gas consumption based on the quantity and usage of tools and equipment in the lithium battery production workshop, increase the margin by about 20%, and provide the demand to the SEIZE sales consultant. We will calculate the gas consumption balance demand for you and customize a compressed air energy-saving solution for you.

3、SEIZE Intelligent Energy Saving Solution

The SEIZE digital intelligent first level energy efficient air compressor is equipped with the SEIZE cloud digital management system at the factory. The mobile terminal can remotely manage the air compressor, automatically send maintenance reminders and fault information. The SEIZE headquarters system is online 24 hours a day, providing protection for users' air compressor system.


SEIZE digital intelligent air compressor station collects gas consumption data from enterprises, accurately calculates and analyzes key operational data such as gas to electricity ratio and power consumption of the air compressor station and each unit. While ensuring sufficient gas supply, it intelligently regulates the loading and unloading of the air compressor unit, reduces power consumption, and achieves energy conservation, consumption reduction, and lean management for enterprises.


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