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Nitrogen & Oxygen generator

Nitrogen & Oxygen generator

VPSA Oxygen Generator with molecular sieve


Product introduction

VPSA oxygen generator is mainly composed of

blower, vacuum pump, cooler, adsorption system, oxygen buffer tank and control system.

Product characteristics

The absorber adopts special airflow distribution structure to ensure uniform distribution of airflow and improve the utilization rate of the molecular sieve bed layer.

Adsorber's structure of vertical double bed, the lower active aluminum oxide can reduce the influence of water on the molecular sieve adsorption perfor- mance, and at the same time of molecular sieve regeneration can improve molecular sieve's service life through nitrogen desorption and clean air for alu- minum oxide no heat regeneration.

After a long time of practice, we use imported pro- fessional molecular sieve to generate oxygen. Its per- formance is stable and reliable. Using special active aluminum oxide for PSA, it can effectively protect the molecular sieve.

Flow chart of VPSA oxygen generator


Working Environment

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