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Booster What is a compressed air booster?

July 07,2023

What is a compressed air booster?


Compressed air supercharger is a kind of compressor that produces medium and high pressure air or gas. It plays a key role in various applications that require medium and high pressure, such as laser cutting, plastic mold, PET bottle production and leak testing. This paper will discuss the concept, working principle and their advantages in industrial environment of compressed air supercharger.


What is a compressed air supercharger?

Compressed air supercharger is a kind of compressor specially designed to further compress the compressed air to a higher pressure. Standard compressors usually compress ambient air to a pressure of 13 bar, while superchargers can compress air to a maximum of 350 bar, and some models can even reach 1000 bar. This ability to reach significantly higher pressures makes superchargers crucial in applications requiring extremely high pressures.


Principle of operation

Compressed air supercharger relies on special piston technology to efficiently manage higher pressure level. The supercharger sucks the compressed air and further compresses it by using the piston drive system. The system consists of one or more pistons, which reciprocate in the cylinder, effectively increasing the pressure of intake air or gas. By using this piston driving mechanism, the supercharger can achieve the required high-pressure output and minimize energy consumption.


Advantages of compressed air supercharger

The use of compressed air supercharger has several advantages in industrial applications. Let's explore the key benefits:

Economical: By pairing the supercharger with the standard compressor, the total cost required to realize high-pressure air or gas is significantly reduced. The supercharger not only depends on the high-pressure compressor, which consumes a lot of energy, but also can use the air compressed by the standard compressor to efficiently generate the required higher pressure.

Multifunctional: In addition to providing high-pressure air for special applications, when the standard compressor is paired with the supercharger, it can still be used for compressed air applications in other facilities. This versatility can make the best use of equipment and resources.

Improve efficiency: The compressed air compressor is designed to operate efficiently under high pressure to ensure the best use of energy. By reducing energy waste, supercharger helps to save costs and adopt a more sustainable compressed air generation method.



Compressed air supercharger is an essential component in industrial environment where high-pressure air or gas is needed. By taking the compressed air and further increasing its pressure, the supercharger realizes the efficient operation of various applications, such as laser cutting, plastic mold, PET bottle production and leak testing. Supercharger has the ability of significantly higher pressure, and its economy and versatility make it indispensable in modern manufacturing process. In addition, the reliability and improved efficiency provided by the compressed air supercharger help to improve the productivity and sustainability of industrial operations.

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