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Does the larger the oil tank of the air compressor last longer?

September 15,2023

Just like cars, when it comes to compressors, the maintenance of  air compressors  is the key and should be included in the purchase process as part of the life cycle cost. An important aspect of maintaining oil injection air compressor is to change oil.

An important thing to note is that the size of the oil tank does not determine the frequency of oil change for the oil injection air compressor.

The role of oil in screw air compressor

As a coolant, oil plays a vital role in  oil-cooled screw air compressor. The oil takes away the heat generated in the compression process, lubricates the rotor and seals the compression chamber. Because compressor oil is used for cooling and sealing, it is important to use special and high-quality oil specially made for this application, and it cannot be replaced by substitutes such as engine oil.

This special oil has a cost. Many people think that the larger the oil tank, the longer the oil will be used, but this is very misleading.



Determine oil life

Heat, not the size of oil reserves, determines how long oil can last. If the lubricating oil life of the compressor is shortened or a larger oil reservoir is needed, the heat generated by the compressor during compression may exceed expectations. Another problem may be that excessive oil passes through the rotor due to the unusually large clearance.

Ideally, you should consider the total cost of oil change per hour of operation and realize that the expected life of oil change is shorter than the industry average life. The operation manual of the compressor will list the average oil life and oil capacity of the oil injection screw compressor.


Just because a big fuel tank doesn't mean Longer oil use time

Some manufacturers may suggest that they will have longer oil life, but there is no correlation between them. Before buying a new compressor, do you study and stick to an effective maintenance plan so that you can find potential problems early and avoid wasting money on replacing compressor oil?


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