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Find out the main performance parameters of screw air compressor.

June 29,2023

screw air compressor  has the advantages of small volume, low noise and high efficiency, and has been widely used in industrial production. Let's take a look at the main technical parameters of the screw air compressor.

The data in this article is for reference only.

1. Volume flow of unit

The actual air volume flow at the standard exhaust position of the air compressor unit is converted into the state of full temperature, full pressure and components at the standard suction position. Generally, the volumetric flow of screw air compressor under specified working conditions should not be less than 95% of the nominal volumetric flow.

2. Unit power

The total input power required for air compressor unit to complete compressed air output. Note that the total input power does not include the power used by the compressed air aftertreatment equipment integrated in the air compressor unit.

3. Unit specific power

The ratio of the power of the air compressor unit to the volume flow of the unit under the specified working conditions.

4. No load power

The unit power when the compressor head is running and the volume flow of the unit is zero. Generally, when the rated exhaust pressure is 0.7MPa, the ratio of no-load power to unit power does not exceed 35%; At 0.8MPa, the upper limit of no-load power does not exceed 29%. Screw air compressor should be designed to minimize the no-load power, and the screw air compressor with rated exhaust pressure less than 0.5MPa should be supplied with oil pump.

5. Shaft power

Power required by compressor drive shaft. It is equal to the internal power plus the mechanical loss power, but does not include the power lost by external transmission (such as gear or belt transmission).

6. Exhaust pressure

Absolute total pressure of gas at standard exhaust position. Note: If the dynamic pressure is less than 0.5% of the static pressure, absolute static pressure can replace absolute total pressure.

Under the rated exhaust pressure and nominal volume flow rate of screw air compressor, when the ambient temperature is 40℃, the inlet temperature of cooling water is 30℃, and the ratio of cooling water to unit power is not greater than 1.69(L/min)/kW, the exhaust temperature of the heads at all levels should not exceed 110℃. When the rated exhaust pressure is greater than 1.25MPa and synthetic lubricating oil is used, the exhaust temperature of the heads at all levels is allowed to exceed 110℃, but should not exceed 130℃. Before oil-gas separation, the minimum temperature of compressed air should not be lower than its pressure dew point temperature.

The technical parameters of the screw air compressor will affect the performance and use effect of the equipment. In addition to the above parameters, the screw air compressor also has noise dB(A), exhaust temperature, rotating speed, exhaust oil content, oil consumption (L), outlet pipe diameter, etc. These parameters are different for each manufacturer, and users can choose according to their actual needs.

For the purchased screw air compressor, each equipment shall be marked with a product nameplate in an eye-catching position

The following contents shall be marked on the nameplate:

A) product model;

B) product name;

C) Nominal volumetric flow, in cubic meters per minute (m3/min);

D) Rated exhaust pressure, in MPa;

E) Shaft power or driving motor power, in kW;

F) Overall dimension (length× width× height), in millimeters (mm);

G) Net weight, in kilograms (kg);

H) factory number;

I) year and month of manufacture;

J) Name and location of the manufacturer (producer).

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