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How does SEIZE air compressor achieve energy-saving in the textile industry?

February 15,2023

In an increasingly diverse lifestyle, it’s afraid that each of us can not guarantee that the people and things we come into contact with, and some of the information we get are true. Driven by various disguises and interests, we tend to forget the essence of things .

But there's a truth you need to know— SEIZE energy-saving air compressor, focusing on the research and development and manufacturing of energy-saving air compressor, has won the trust of many customers with high quality and excellent service, cherishes every penny of customers, and the energy-saving effect is real and reliable!

A certain Textile Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in

Textiles, clothing fabrics, lace and other products. SEIZE respects the enterprise spirit of "practical, hard work, and responsibility", and creates a good corporate environment with integrity, win-win, and pioneering business philosophy, and survives with a new management model, perfect technology, thoughtful service, and good quality. Fundamentally, we always insist on customer first and serve customers with heart, and insist on using our own services to impress customers.

Want to know why you should choose SEIZE permanent magnet energy-saving air compressor?

It is because the  SEIZE energy-saving air compressornot only has high quality and low noise, but also can reduce the power consumption, reducing the production cost of customers from the perspective of throttling.


This is a customer we contacted last year, because the customer's existing air compressor was still available for production at that time, he had no idea of adding equipment for the time being, so he only kept a brochure without purchasing. In January this year, the customer's machine could not supply enough air, he decided to purchase an air compressor, so he thought of SEIZE soon, and called SEIZE salesman.

During the communication, the salesman of SEIZE invited the customer to visit the users who are using SEIZE machine. Got the feedback :SEIZE air compressor is very power-saving, and the user belongs to a Taiwan-funded enterprise, so the customer signed a SEIZE energy-saving air compressor SVC-37A with the salesman at that moment.

Seeing is believing, real energy-saving effect, real customer feedback, win their trust! This is the truth!


After using the compressor for a period of time,SEIZE professional calculation and comparison turned that SEIZE energy-saving air compressor saves 11 kilowatt-hours of electricity per hour compared with the original machine on average!

So if one year

11*24*30*12=95040 KWH/YEAR!

The more you use, the more you save!

This is the naked truth!

What are you waiting for, follow SEIZE, more surprises, more truths, waiting for you to discover...


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