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How to maintain the oil-free air compressor to prolong its life?

July 31,2023

oil free air compressor

After a period of use, it needs regular inspection and maintenance. (For details, please refer to the machine maintenance manual.) Good maintenance of the air compressor can effectively prolong the service life.

Let's take a look at several maintenance precautions.


1. According to the operating procedures of  oil-free air compressor equipment, most of them are shut down, and the normal shutdown procedures are contrary to the startup procedures.

Just gradually reduce the speed to a very low speed. Open the exhaust branch valve, close the exhaust valve, turn off the driving machine, and confirm that the whole series of air compressor equipment will gradually stop automatically. The supply of cooling water cannot be stopped within 30 minutes after the equipment stops.

2. After completing the operation of oil-free air compressor equipment, pay attention to check the cutting at all levels and the cooperation between the cutting parts and cutting bodies.

If there are cracks in the cutting piece, please replace it with spare parts. Check the front covers of cylinders at all levels, and check the friction of cylinder mirrors. If there are friction marks, find out the reasons. Check the friction between the sliding plate and the friction surface with the fuselage guide rail. Remove the connecting rod bushing and crosshead pin, and check the friction force of the friction surface.

3. It is necessary to check whether the oil level indicated by the oil level indicator of the oil-free air compressor meets the requirements.

And the connection and fixation of the connector. If it is loose, please fix it in time. Observe and judge whether the moving parts are flexible. Turn the flywheel by hand to make the oil-free air compressor idle for two or three times. In case of paper jam and collision.

4. Pay attention to check the quality of lubricating oil of oil-free air compressor and replace the lubricating oil in the fuselage.

After the initial operation of the oil-free air compressor, due to the running-in of parts and the cleaning effect of lubricating oil, a large amount of metal fine powder enters the lubricating oil. Therefore, all lubricating oil should be replaced after 24 hours of operation. After running for 200 hours, change the oil again. After two changes, please change the oil according to the routine maintenance requirements.

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