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SEIZE builds a well-known brand of energy-saving air compressors, efficient and energy-saving

November 11,2022

What routines have you been "hurt" by?

Is there no true love? Of course there is!

Let me introduce you to it that only plays true feelings, not routines...

A certain Textile Co., Ltd. was established in 2000. It has more than ten years of experience in textile production, sales, and development. It is a professional textile fabric production and extra-thick industrial cloth enterprise, producing all kinds of medium and high-grade textiles. Main products: gold and silver sliver cloth series, industrial cloth, etc.


The customer used a famous brand 90kw and 75kw air compressors before, and another brand 110kw and 37kw , totally 4 air compressors were used. When the customer was introduced the SEIZE energy-saving air compressor, the customer expressed a skeptical attitude, thinking that the salesman just wanted to recommend their products and did not trust them very much.

However, after a period of trial, the customer understands that SEIZE energy-saving air compressor is not playing a routine, but true feelings and strength.

After accurate testing and professional calculation, the 2 SEIZE  energy-saving air compressors  SVC-132AⅡ used by the customer not only satisfied the gas consumption that required 4 machines before, but also averaged Save 50 degrees/hour, the total annual savings of those 2 units: 50 degrees * 24 hours * 30 days * 12months * 2 units = 864000 degrees / year!

Stunned? This is the real strength of SEIZE energy-saving air compressors, which should not be underestimated!


Saving money is the King, customers speak for good products.

The customer commented on the SEIZE energy-saving air compressor after using it: "SEIZE compressor is really energy-saving!"

SEIZE  energy-saving air compressor  has always only dedicated its own enthusiasm and sincerity, cherishes every penny of customers, and does not play routines!

Ability is not by saying, but by doing!

If you like SEIZE who doesn't play routines, pay attention immediately!

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