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SEIZE energy-saving air compressors entered a certain group company, why the customer choose SEIZE frequently ?

November 23,2022

Let me tell you the secret.

Today let me bring you to one of our loyal fan, a group company mainly in textile industry who bought continuously  SEIZE energy-saving air compressor from  2017 to 2020.

Machinces below the customer bought :

2017:SEIZE energy-saving low pressure air compressor SLVC-220A/3 (220KW/3bar) 1 unit

2018 : SLVC-220A/3 1 unit again

2019: SEIZE energy-saving screw blower SPVC-132AII/1.5 (132KW/1.5bar) 1 unit

2020 : also SPVC-132AII/1.5 (132KW/1.5bar) , this time 5 units


Why choose SEIZE ?

Based on the good using experience of the two low pressure air compressor SLVC-220A/3 bought on 2017 and 2018, the customer bought an energy-saving blower SPVC-132AII/1.5, it brought also good experience for the customer, so the customer bought another 5 units in 2020.

Conclusion : SEIZE advantage

1. Really energy-saving

2. Good quality

3. Timely after sales service

Compared with ordinary air compressors, it is estimated to save:

l Electricity consumption per hour: 6 sets of  oil-free screw blowers  save about 160KW/H

l Electricity bills (based on electricity bills of 0.7 yuan/kWh)

Monthly: 160*24*30*0.7=80,600 yuan

Every year: 8.06*11.5 months/year=926,900 yuan

10 years: 92.69*10 years=9.269 million yuan

What is the 10-year cost of the air compressor? 5% of purchase cost, 5% of maintenance cost, 90% of electricity cost

What is the most important thing to buy an air compressor?

If you buy the right one, you will make money, if you buy the wrong one, you will spend money! Thanks for the trust and wise choice of this group!


SEIZE has always focused on the research and development of energy-saving air compressors. In 2014, we developed a high-end energy-saving air compressor integrated with [two-stage compression + permanent magnet / high-efficiency frequency conversion + pressure customization + double frequency conversion + system amplification + waste heat recovery], and applied for the the invention patent of energy-saving air compressor, has eliminated the traditional ordinary screw air compressor (electric tiger), solved the pain point of high energy consumption of users, subverted many brands in the industry, and set off a wave of energy-saving air compressors in the industry!

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