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SEIZE permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage air compressor serves the textile industry, unexpected energy-saving ~

October 12,2022

Short Introduction

Suzhou *** textile factory is located on the shore of Taihu Lake, covering an area of more than 6,000 square meters and a workshop area of more than 3,000 square meters. The production equipments includ 60 water jet looms, 30 air jet looms and supporting facilities such as double twisting machines, warping machines and doffing machines.

Specialized in the production of all kinds of grey clothTrilun, dyeing colorTrilun, printing and crepe Trilun, etc.


A textile factory with such a production scale will definitely be equipped with several air compressors because of the needs of production. However, the power requirement is also quite huge beucause of such a big production need.

The existing two air compressors of 160kw and 45kw of a certain brand can barely support the production, but the huge electricity bill is also very annoying.


By chance, SEIZE was fortunate to have contact with them.

Knowing the production situation of their company and the use of air compressors, based on the idea of saving money for customers, we recommended SEIZE permanent magnet frequency conversion double-stage air compressor  SVC-132A-II.

Commit to a free trial first! If not saving electricity, will Pull the compressor back! If not saving energy ? Will pull back the compresor ! If bad quality? Also pull back!

With such confidence, SEIZE finally moved the customer,they agree to try the machine to see the effect!


Moment to see the miracle

Everyone can say good things, but SEIZE relies on real strength and does what he says. Let's witness the moment of miracle together.

A SEIZE 132 double-stage compressor drives 18 machines instead of the original 2 air compressors,after a period of electricity meter testing and detailed calculations, the data are as follows:

Average electricity 45 kWh can be saved per hour !

45*24*30*12=388800 KWH/year!

Isn't this kind of data particularly exciting? The answer is absolutely yes.

Customers are also very satisfied with the energy saving effect of our SEIZE machines.

But this is also expected, SEIZE has become accustomed to it~~~


If you are also moved by such data, if you also want this feeling of excitement and touching, what are you waiting for, contact us as soon as possible

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