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SEIZE permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage compression air compressor

February 03,2023

See how SEIZE permanent magnet frequency conversion  two-stage compression  air compressor helps the chemical fiber industry to achieve energy saving

With the continuous development of production and manufacturing and processing enterprises, air compressorshave become more and more important, and have become an indispensable part of the production and manufacturing process. There are more and more industries that require air compressors. including textile/chemical

fiber/electronics/food/cement/chemical industries that we are familiar with. The gas manufacturing industry needs to use compressed air. It is very simple to buy an air compressor. The key is how to buy an air compressor that suits the gas demand of your factory and is energy-saving and power-saving?

Buying an air compressor is buying the air capacity at the presure enough, instead of the power :

The lower power,the more energy-saving. And the cost of the air compressor depends also on the air capacity : bigger air capacity, lower pressure, then the systerm bigger, and higher cost.

SEIZE has always focused on the research and development of energy-saving air compressors, and has developed [two-stage compression + permanent magnet / high-efficiency frequency conversion + pressure customization + double frequency conversion + system amplification + waste heat recovery] integrated energy-saving air compressors, and applied for energy-saving air compressors’ invention patent. Eliminated the traditional ordinary screw air compressor (electric tiger), solved the user's pain point of high energy consumption, and set off a wave of energy-saving air compressors in the industry!

A certain chemical fiber Co., Ltd. mainly deals in civilian ribbon yarn and other products, and has professional products, services and technical personnel. Let's take a look at how the boss of the company chooses the air compressor.


The picture above is the energy-saving air compressor chosen by the company. SEIZE permanent magnet frequency conversion two-stage compression air compressor SVC-185A-II stands out among many brands, whether it is In terms of the quality, stability and energy saving of the machine, SEIZE is reliable, with an average saving of 20-30%. The company also recognizes SEIZE very much.

SEIZE forcused on R&D, production of air compressors. The produts are famous by their high reliablility, energy-saving and low noise, offer the high-end air compressor systerm solution for many industries which need compressed air. We will help you reduce the production cost, and enhance the competence for the enterprise.

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