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【SEIZE】Responsible for customers, we are always on the road for inspections!

December 08,2022

SEIZE has been committed to the research, development and production ofenergy-saving air compressors, creating energy-saving products with high reliability, high value and high energy efficiency, and is constantly striving to become a world-class brand of energy-saving air compressors! Provide good pre-sales and after-sales services for many customers, and be responsible for the results at the same time!


SEIZE service team rushes to the customer's factory to escort the customer's production!

The following is our textile factory customer who purchased 2 sets of permanent magnet variable frequency double-stage compression energy-saving air compressors. Today our after-sales service engineer is conducting machine inspection services in the customer's factory.


The customer chooses us is also the result of comparison in energy saving, quality, service and other aspects. 

Since the machine was put into use, it has been running well, andSEIZE service  team will continue to serve customers to ensure their safe production. Thanks to customers for their trust, SEIZE energy-saving air compressors help this textile enterprise increase costs and reduce efficiency!

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