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The Application of Compressed Air in Biological Fermentation

March 03,2023

There are high requirements for air quality in biological fermentation production, such as aseptic, oil-free, suitable temperature, pressure and humidity. So, what factors should be considered in the compressed air system in the biological fermentation industry?

Seize water-lubricated screw oil-free air compressor


The demand for energy saving is outstanding

Combined with the operating conditions of fermentation process and the characteristics of actual demand for compressed air, reasonable selection and matching of air compressors can not only ensure product quality, but also realize energy saving.

The pressure is relatively stable

Generally, the pressure in the fermentation industry is relatively stable.

A biotechnology company in Jiangsu responded to the policy and made energy-saving transformation, and chose Sazhen energy-saving air compressor 37 kW water-lubricated screw air compressor.


The advantages of water-lubricated screw oil-free air compressor:

High efficiency and energy saving, replacing oil with water, achieving four functions of lubrication, cooling, sealing and noise reduction.

Seize energy-saving water-lubricated oil-free air compressor provides a more reliable oil free compressor air scheme for bio-fermentation industry.

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