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Top ten brand manufacturers of air compressors

March 03,2023

Top Ten Brand Manufacturers of air compressors

Air compressor are essential in many industries, including construction, manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, and more. They come in a variety of forms, including reciprocating pistons and rotary screw compressors.

These companies make both commercial and industrial air compressors. They are known for their high quality, durability, and efficiency.


1. Ingersoll-Rand

Ingersoll-Rand is a well-known manufacturer of best air compressor, power tools, and other industrial equipment. Their products are reliable and durable, making them a popular choice for consumers all over the world.

Ingersoll-Rand offers a variety of air compressors to suit different needs and budgets. They are also known for their commitment to sustainability and environmental impact.

Their air compressors are designed for the commercial and industrial markets as well as for people who need a tool at home. Their products are known for how long they last and how reliable they are, as well as how well they are made.

Ingersoll-Rand is also known for its commitment to its employees. They recently launched the HOLA (Hispanic/Latinx Organization for Leadership and Advancement) Inclusion Group, which promotes inclusion and diversity among their staff.


2. Sullair

Sullair is a leading producer of stationary and portable rotary screw air compressor. Founded in 1965, it has manufacturing facilities in the United States and China and a worldwide distribution network that serves customers on every continent.

A leader in developing innovative solutions for the compressed air industry, Sullair continues to build on its heritage of delivering quality air at the highest efficiency. Its portfolio includes rotary screw oil-flooded and oil-free air compressors, centrifugal compressors, vacuum systems, air treatment systems, filters, and controls.

Among the company's advantages are a world-class dealer network and dedicated training centers. The brand's products also have a long list of high-quality components that help them stand up to the toughest challenges and meet the needs of users.

3. Compair

The Compair name is synonymous with high-efficiency air compressors. As a leading global supplier, they provide rotary screw, oil-free, vane, and piston compressors with high performance and low operating costs, as well as air treatment and air management solutions.

The company also boasts a robust service network covering the globe.

They have a plethora of awards and accolades to their name, and this includes their very own ComPAIR award-winning mobile air compressor. They are also well known for their innovation and the best customer service in the industry. They have a wide range of quality products that are manufactured from the highest quality materials with the finest craftsmanship.

4. Hitachi

Hitachi offers a wide range of air compressors for both commercial and industrial uses. Their products are designed to suit all your needs, and the company is known for offering a high level of quality and reliability.

In addition to their air compressors, Hitachi also sells other products, including battery-powered power tools. One of the company's most popular products is its Metabo HPT 1 gallon ultra-quiet portable air compressor, which boasts a noise output rating of 59 dBa and is extremely compact and lightweight.

As a part of its work style reform, Hitachi has adapted IT systems and expanded their scope to accommodate working practices that are not constrained by time or location. This includes the use of smartphones and other mobile devices for teleworking, implementing procedures to approve staff using IT tools from home while on childcare or nursing leave, and establishing a network of satellite offices.

5. Atlas Copco

The world’s leading manufacturer of oil-free compressor technology, Atlas Copco develops, manufactures, and markets a comprehensive range of industrial air compressors. It also offers a wide range of other products, such as vacuum products, exhaust management systems, and valves.

Compressed air is vital for many applications, including pharmaceuticals and food production. It’s important that air compressors meet the high standards of purity for these industries.

Atlas Copco’s VSD+ compressors, for example, reduce energy consumption by up to 50% and guarantee uptime thanks to their in-house design and iPM (internal permanent magnet) motor.

With this in mind, the company is continuing to push the boundaries of advancements in air compressor technology and sustainability. For example, it has developed a remote monitoring system that allows companies to monitor their compressed air performance and identify energy-saving opportunities. It also has a team of dedicated energy consultants that can perform audits that lead to recommendations for efficiency improvements.

6. Illinois Tool Works

Illinois Tool Works has been in business for over 160 years, supplying high-quality air compressors and power tools. The company is also a major supplier of industrial fasteners and truck transmissions.

The company was founded in 1912 by Harold Smith, who spotted a need for more machine tools to serve Chicago’s growing transportation and manufacturing industries. It is now a global manufacturer of power tools, pumps, and other high-tech products.

As one would expect, the company has been hit hard by market gyrations. Its hefty cost of sales and marketing, administrative, and research and development expenses is the thorn in the side of its beaten-down bottom line. Despite its best efforts, the company is still no match for larger competitors in the air compressor and power tool spaces. The TipRanks risk-moments-mitigations tool identifies 18 key factors that can take a toll on ITW’s bottom line.

7. Doosan

Doosan, a South Korean company, is one of the top ten brand manufacturers of air compressors. This brand has been making high-quality products for a long time that are known for how well they are made.

The company is also a leading provider of infrastructure support business (ISB) services and technologies. These services include energy development, industrial facilities, parts and machinery, heavy equipment, construction, civil engineering, and transportation.

Despite its relatively young presence in the North American market, Doosan has an established reputation as an industry leader. The brand offers an array of excavators, wheel loaders, and articulated dump trucks that are well-known for their power, fuel efficiency, and durability.

8. Porter-Cable

Porter-Cable is a well-known power tool brand headquartered in Tennessee and owned by Stanley Black & Decker. They produce a variety of power tools, including cordless and gas-powered models.

They also make pneumatic tools that are similar to power tools but use compressed air instead of electricity. They are typically cheaper and suitable for home DIYers.

Their prices are a little more competitive than those of DeWalt, which produce more high-end tools for professionals.

The only major difference between these two brands is that DeWalt’s tools are made with higher-quality materials, which helps them last longer than Porter-Cable’s.

They offer a one-year limited warranty on most tools. However, some of their more expensive and larger tools may come with a three-year limited warranty.

9. Black Dimond

Black Dimond is a household name in the world of industrial air conditioning and cooling. It also makes a slew of consumer products like vacuum cleaners, cordless tools, and the aforementioned mobile cooling towers. Its one glaring flaw is that it is one of the few companies that can't find a suitable niche amongst the competition, and it has a hard time keeping its customers happy in a competitive marketplace. A few decades ago, it was a Sanborn & Morrow product, but it has since been acquired by the big boys in town—MAT Industries, to be precise. The company has a small but mighty army of engineers, and the best part is they aren't slacking on quality or service.

10. Chicago Pneumatic

DIYers, artists, professional construction workers, and automobile experts all benefit from air compressors. They are capable of powering a wide range of pneumatic instruments, such as nailers, staplers, and paint sprayers.

Pneumatic tools are also lighter and easier to use than electric equipment. They require far less maintenance and repair, making them more cost effective in the long run.

Chicago Pneumatic has been a leading maker of pneumatic tools for decades and is a reliable brand. The company's product line includes jackhammers, hoses, and pressure gauges.

Chicago Pneumatic is a trustworthy and respected brand that is well-liked by both professionals and homeowners. These compressors are long-lasting and efficient, and they come with a number of warranties options to meet your specific requirements.

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