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What are the maintenance contents of air compressor?

August 28,2023

With the continuous use of  air compressor, its power system, parts and electronic components will be damaged to varying degrees. If it is not regularly maintained and repaired, the air compressor may malfunction and cause downtime, which will bring unnecessary losses to enterprises. Therefore, it is particularly important to maintain the air compressor regularly. So, what are the maintenance contents of air compressor? What are the precautions in the process?


What are the maintenance contents of air compressor?

In the aspect of air compressor maintenance, it is necessary not only to carry out preventive maintenance once a year, but also to conduct a comprehensive inspection of all parts, including rotor, air filter, lubricating oil system and automatic control system.

Specifically, check the overall appearance of the unit regularly, check the operation parameters, observe whether the operation is good, check the oil level of lubricating oil, and clean the radiator of the air compressor in time.


Daily inspections include: observing whether there is noise when the machine is running, checking whether the vibration of the machine, exhaust temperature and oil temperature are normal, and cleaning the filter screen and intake valve cylinder on the surface of the machine. If problems or unexpected situations are found during the operation of the air compressor, it is necessary to repair the faults in a targeted manner.

In terms of maintenance, the oil of the air compressor should be changed regularly as required, and the filter element of the air inlet filter should be cleaned. The heat exchange effect of the air cooler and the moisture content of instrument air should be paid attention to in time, and electrical control devices, such as switch room and power distribution room, should be well ventilated in summer. At the same time, the aftercooler should be checked and the filter should be replaced once a year.


What should be paid attention to in the maintenance of oil-free screw air compressor?

In the daily maintenance of oil-free screw air compressor, it is necessary to observe various displays and readings after routine start-up. Every 2000 hours of air compressor operation, attention should also be paid to checking and replacing lubricating oil filling and air filter elements, oil sump ventilation filter elements, etc., checking the tightness of fasteners, cleaning and checking condensation and drainage valves and control line filter elements, measuring and recording vibration signals on air compressor, gearbox and motor, and rebuilding the air inlet every year.

What does the air compressor maintenance tutorial contain?

Air compressor in use, due to parts wear or air impurities, dust and other reasons, easy to encounter abnormal pressure, boot can not be started normally, insufficient exhaust volume, high temperature and other common failures, you can refer to the following maintenance tutorial.

First of all, in view of the insufficient exhaust of the air compressor, it is necessary to replace parts in time, check and clean the air muffler, and replenish oil to the oil cylinder to ensure that it is above 1/3 of the oil standard. Secondly, replace the lubricating oil of the air compressor in time and replace the lubricating oil for the air compressor once after running for a period of time. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate carbon deposits and clean the valve plate and valve plate to solve the problem of reducing the tightness of the valve.

What are the technical requirements for air compressor maintenance?

The maintenance of  air compressor  requires extremely strict technology and scientific management. Professional maintenance technicians need to take effective measures in time to solve the problems quickly and effectively, and keep the air compressor in good running condition in the subsequent use. Experienced and well-trained engineers can quickly find and solve equipment problems, and help enterprises improve the working efficiency of air compressors by maintaining and optimizing their performance.


What are the spare parts for air compressor maintenance?

Spare parts of air compressor have a certain service life. In the process of air compressor maintenance, it is necessary to replace, repair and maintain vulnerable spare parts regularly, so as not to affect the normal operation and service life of air compressor. Such as: air compressor filter and separator, compressor oil, motor or nose, etc. Filters and separators can effectively isolate dust and pollutants and avoid damage to air compressors; Compressor oil can prolong the service life of air compressor, and improve the equipment performance while ensuring its normal operation time; After continuous operation, it is necessary to replace and upgrade the important parts of the air compressor, such as the motor or the nose, which can help the air compressor maintain better efficiency and performance.

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