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Why should we pay attention to these matters when using screw air compressor in cement plant?

June 20,2023

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the demand for environmental protection equipment in cement plants is increasing.

First of all,  air compressor  is an important equipment for manufacturing gas products. These products include food gas, tire gas and ventilation systems for deep-sea divers. By means of air or gas compression, a large amount of gas is compressed into high-density objects, and the volume of gas is reduced at the same time, thus improving its use efficiency. In cement production, compressed air will be used in all aspects of cement production, such as drying raw materials, crushing raw materials, stirring production or cooling temperature control.

Secondly, for the use of  air compressor equipment  in cement plant, it is necessary to ensure the production speed as well as safety and reliability. In particular, avoid over-compression of air, which may lead to overheating of equipment, which may cause irreversible and devastating damage to production efficiency and equipment life. Therefore, the pressure, temperature, flow rate and gas composition of air compressor need to be monitored and regulated. For example, it is very necessary to add an ultra-high temperature safety control device to the gas storage tank or pressure switch.

Cement plant should also pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of the machine in the process of using air compressor. Any equipment needs to be repaired and maintained. If you decide to keep the compressor in a better working condition, it is recommended to carry out regular maintenance according to a good maintenance plan, which will ensure the long-term and reliability of your equipment. For example, wear parts such as air filter, grease, seal and differential should be replaced regularly.

In short, for cement plants, air compressor technology plays a very important role in ensuring stable production and environmental protection. During use, attention should be paid to the control of pressure, temperature, flow rate and gas composition of the machine, and proper maintenance should be carried out to improve the production efficiency and ensure the long-term and reliability of the equipment.


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