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Manumalo tulaga | Faoa faamalosi ea compressor fa'asaoina le malosi na fa'ataunu'uina le fonotaga fa'afoe lelei o le aufaioloa 2023

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On March 7th, Seize compressor ea faasaoina le malosi organized the 2023 Supplier Quality Conference, and nearly 30 suppliers attended the conference. Cheng Hongxing, general manager of Seize energy-saving ea compressor, attended the meeting and gathered with representatives of Seize's core suppliers from all over the country to plan high-quality coordinated development and create a new situation of win-win cooperation!

Quality is the life and core competitiveness of an enterprise. At the meeting, Mr. Cheng shared the concept of "quality first" of Seize with you , and expounded the values of people and enterprises. In the final analysis, it is actually the competition between "character" and "product" and the quality strategic development plan of Seize Company. Seize energy-saving air compressor will resonate with suppliers and friends at the same frequency to achieve a win-win situation.


Build reputation with quality, and promote development with quality. Mr. Cheng put forward higher expectations and requirements for supplier cooperation in 2023. He hoped that the vast number of suppliers would keep up with the development pace of Seize energy-saving air compressor and ensure the quality with strict requirements and high standards. Seize is willing to work with you to build a high-quality supply chain cooperation system to provide reliable quality assurance for enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


Supplier friends came to the stage to show their determination and strictly control the quality. They are willing to work together with Seize energy-saving air compressor to help Seize to realize its vision as soon as possible!


Manager Kang of the Quality Department conducted "Sharing Quality Ideas". He should maintain a refined attitude and a rigorous and meticulous work style towards product quality, and share the experience of quality management and control, so as to improve product quality and customer satisfaction together with suppliers.


After lunch, under the leadership of Manager Kang, the supplier friends visited the exhibition hall and workshop of the headquarters.


Seize energy-saving air compressor always adheres to "customer value, customer first!" The concept of, always provide customers with high-quality, highly trusted products! Seize energy-saving air compressor looks forward to hang together with supplier partner, to build a strong supply chain system and achieve a mutually beneficial and win-win situation.


Faoa faamalosi le ea compressor na auai i le fonotaga aoao a Shanghai Energy-saving ma le Puipuiga o le Siosiomaga Asosi ma maua le taui mai le vaega pule.

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